Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Creative Energy get the permits?

  • Yes, Creative Energy takes care of the permitting process, co-ordination of inspections, association approvals, and co-ordination with HECO on the installation of your new Net Meter. We pride ourselves on the closing of our PV permits in a timely manner

Does my area get enough sun for Photovoltaic to be worth the investment?

  • The weather in Hawaii is perfect for solar year round.

Sun Hours On Oahu:

Do I need a new meter?

  • NET METERING – Creative Energy co-ordinates with HECO to get your net meter installed as quickly as possible.

How will my solar panels help the environment?

  • A photovoltaic system utilizing (example) 12 Samsung 244 watt solar panels with the 215 Micro Inverter will offset approximately 318 lbs of co2 and the equivalent of 4 trees

What type of Solar Panels do you suggest?

  • Due to solar panel continuous technology improvements, Creative Energy will always offer you the latest and best product available to you the consumer.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: HECO monthly saving calculations weather permitting and depending on sun zone hours.
    • 12 Samsung 244 watt solar panels
    • 12 Enphase M215 micro inverters
    • Based on current HECO pricing at $.36 per KWH = $142.00 savings a month

Why Micro Inverters?

  • Solar power production is affected by various factors such as module mismatch, shading from trees, roof vents, other panels and/or solar water panels on the roof. Also changes in temperature and shading causes complex current-voltage curves which affect production. This is true in systems with Central Inverters.  Micro Inverters increase productivity.
  • The Micro Inverters we use have a 20 to 25 year warranty including a life time subscription to the monitoring web site. Home owners can see exactly what each of their solar panels are producing on a daily bases.